Sunday, 15 June 2014


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Before i start off with today's post, just to let you guys know i've finally done up the everyday makeup tutorial which is highly requested!:) Click here to read it!:)

Belmont Crochet Shrug from TTR
Inner top from Threadtheory
Denim from MGG
Satchel from online
Boots from WAR

Colour true-r to pic below than above!
Review: So... floral kimonos/shrugs are all the rage now, and i can see why ;) This piece from TTR is the first floral kimono i own and its really pretty! It has white porcelain florals printed on a dark navy base, very classy. Love the crochet details at the bottom hems too. Like most other shrugs of this kind, its made of chiffon for that flawy effect the kimono has. But i would say the quality of this piece stands out from the rest honestly, because of its silk-like smoothness and it has more than one layer, which makes it semi-weighty so it doesn't feel so flimsy. I would have to say it makes a really good layering piece, great for days you don't feel like racking your brains to think of how to pair outfits! Just throw on a solid coloured tank, denims and this, fuss free pairing haha ;) I really do love this piece, but I'm not sure if i'll wear it out enough to justify keeping it so I'm still considering whether to keep it or not :/ So if anyone is keen email me at

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Me and nikks all excited on the way to yiyang's house hehe:)
before the juniors arrive, our class doing what we do best ;)

13S74/14S74! :)))
Hope you guys enjoyed the food and activities juniors!:)
Celebrating June babies' bdays hehe.
Being the efficient welfare reps we are, eug and i got it all planned heh. Or more like if we don't get a cake for the june babies yuanrong will nag at us for life haha!!
juniors get a share too!!
& the selfie mania starts hahaha

yuanrong seriously cannot look blur-er hahahah

my fav tiam sister hehe<3
that look on wenxin's face hahaha

ending off with a silly photobomb of yiyang hehe
Till the next;


  1. omg so many glam photos of me

    1. Haha ya lor #glamsteryang!! Eh that photo quite cute leh xD