Monday, 11 March 2013

Sea Breeze; Ocean Wisps

[ OMG Guys i just found this post/draft!! Totally forgot to publish it eons ago :( So... im sorry you guys have to read this crazily backdated post, but better than nothing to read right??? hahaha love you guys btw, thank you for not abandoning my blog even though i have not updated in more than a week :x]

hey!! what have you guys been up to?:) Just a quick update cos im rushing some school work again-_-
Aiming to finish this post in 30mins, time starts now! -10.42pm-

So kkays my usual weekend shopping :) This time with my cousin Kayleigh and my aunt from malaysia:) They all came to spore to shop for cny clothes! Though i have already bought some from the post xmas (omg see how backdated this is?!!! SO SRY) sales, i still went with them trololol. Never say no to shopping! Unless i got a quiz or something coming up.. then the inner mugger will take over and i will mug like crap at home. lolol

Frockettes lace bustier in mint S
TCL aztec maxi skirt in yellow
Juicy couture bag

Review(bustier): Priced at about $26 i think, but i think this item is oos on site alr! Quite a refreshing shade of blue, though i prefer it to be slightly lighter:) Its stated as 'mint' but really its just blue haha. Okay its made of lace as you can see from the upclose, has quite a nice flower design though i think it can be more intricate. It has padding for the upper half and boning as well to make it more structured. This piece is non sheer btw, oh and something i don't really like is that the straps can't be adjusted:( But other than that not much complains, quite a cheery piece:)

Review(TCL): Bought this because of the light yellow shade which i deemed to be really pretty:) Its a light pastel yellow but in real life slightly dull. Would be nicer if it was a bit brighter:) Oh and length wise its def not too short for me, in fact i think for taller girls this would be considered a midi already, so actually its better if it was 2 inches longer :/ Material is chiffon which is quite light so it gives fluidity to the maxi. The main part of this maxi skirt is the aztec waistband, which i actually think isn't super pretty, but ok la its quite a unique touch? Oh and because of the waistband which is slightly tight, i'll recommend this piece for uk6 and below:)

Ok soooo, continuing! I went to taka to run some errands before meeting them:) Wasn't intending to shop there but i got so tempted by dipdrops cos there was a discount!:) So i managed to get some nice stuff there hehe.

Tried on this kit top and floral dress set which costs $129 before 30% discount, but it was way too big for me so i skipped it. Had fun taking pics in it though hehe. 
PS/ shoes from Pedro! I have it in mint which is still my fav colour. Got this peach one at 40% off;) <3

But tadah! I still managed to find something i like hehe. & dipdrop's carrier bag is so pretty hehe:) Love the ribbon!
So in the end i got this floral bubble skirt which is superly uber pretty!<3 Will show u guys the pics when i wear it out;)
& got myself a new coin pouch cos my prev one spoiled:( But say hellloooooo to mr fat cat, my new furry coin pouch hehe. from A& BC, bugis junction.
My waterless cleanser (previously from Eau Thermale) ran out too, so i got this one from Vichy:) It cleanses without needing to wash off. I use this in the morning and night:) So far so good! Quite mild :) 

It doesn't over cleanse and dry up your face, pH is made to be similar to our skin's so that is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin as well:) Since we shouldn't wash our face (with water) too many times a day, this is a good alternative. I wash my face with cleansing foam once in the afternoon and use this for morn n night to prevent overdrying:)

Kays~ Last part of the US trip! After this is the Germany trip series lolol. But i tink the Germany pics look nicer hehe, imo la.

Pics taken along some road which houses alot of expensive mansions. Its called 300 miles road or smth, can't rmb zzz. Awesome view though!

hehe this is my prev banner picture, anyone remember? haha

spot me!:)

Mom was suddenly in a photographer mood lol. So i was like, "LAI, WO ZUO NI DE MODEL. YI DING HEN HAO KAN DE." seriously trololol! #shameless hahaha

But obviously it didn't turn out v nice lol. Ate too much fries n burgers in America, face become so fat lol.

& here we are taking pictures with a tree, which is famous for being a lone tree in the middle of nowhere cos its a lonely tree and thats how it became a famous tree lol.

On a side note, there has been something I've been keeping inside of me, its not a very pleasant thing which happened and I didn't want to say it out. But now I think I probably should, because if there is one thing we as civilized people should know, is Gratitude. If AJ is/are reading this now, I think you should know I'm referring to you. Since the start when you guys approached me for help, I readily said yes and did not ask for ANYTHING in return. I have really tried my best and helped you in any way I can. Advertising, posting stuff and doing posts for you all. Even though I had exams and school life was hectic, I still made an effort to help you guys. And now, I actually feel like I've been abandoned after maximizing 'my use'. Now when I ask for a small little favour, really just a small one that won't take up more than 2 minutes of your time, you chose to ignore it. Once I've asked, twice I've asked, thrice even. If you at least replied me and gave a reason as to why you cannot help with the small favour, I won't be so pissed. Even if you gave me a stupid crap and nonsensical reason like, "It clashes with my business ethics" I would still have accepted it. But, not even once you replied, now thats just so so rude. I have seen through you, and never will I want anything to do with you again. Ever. If you thats how you treat others who have helped you so much, I really don't know what to say of you as a person. Thats all. 

Sometimes, it really doesn't pay to be good. Well at least thank you for opening up my perception of the world, now i won't be that dumb kid who had so much hope in humanity. At least in people like you.

k sorry for the wordy rant above, it really was smth that made me pissed, and I haven't felt that betrayed in a long time. So... Till the next post yea:) time now is: 11.05pm! ok la not bad, managed to finish on time. Time to study for Econs argh.

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