Thursday, 17 January 2013

Patridge In A Pear Tree

Hi guys! I know its pathetic that its alr 2013 and im STILL blogging about Xmas!!! ><... But anyways this is the only xmas party i attended this year haha, so im def blogging about it no mater what! #boringlife

Okay so the party venue was Chay's house:) A very nice place with awesome interior decos :)! 
I know la most ppl go partying at Zouk, Avalon or whatever but aish, those places scare me -_- Chay's house is much better hehehe.
I'm like a total scaredy cat when it comes to these things lol, if i go home after 7.30pm i'll get abit scared and go all shifty eyes, THIS IS HOW BAD IT IS -_-

Okay sooooo, chay's house had cute duck figurines which totally reminded me of my Austria trip :')

 & i brought my Sony NEX F3 there cos we had a mini photobooth to take pics!! :D
Here we are, THE EARLY ONES (who were on time haha)
 When you put me and Syl together... we go all crazy @.@
 See what i mean? -________-

& its hard to believe but Syl is the selca queen among us LOLOL. She hogged the camera k hahaha!
 Yipz wearing some yellow crown thing cos she wanted to be Queen lol...
Shupoo is wearing my floral garland from Forever New!

 & im wearing a small Xmas hat-clip from Korea :) 
Syl got it for me 4 years ago and i only wore it now :x
 So sry yipz this photo is SO EPIC i had to post it hahahahhaha
/pls don't kill me :x
YAY everyone is here :)
First row(Shupoo, Yutzu, Najwa, Chay)
Sec Row (Syl, Muiyee, Yipz, meeee!)
 This sylvia ah!!
 Spastic face #1


Spastic face #2! Okay i look like a total pancake here hahaha

 & we're really thankful to Chay for being such a great host and preparing this spread for us!!
It was so yums :D But being small eaters we couldn't finish it and poor chay had to save the leftovers for the next 6 meals :x SRY CHAY!!!
What's Xmas w/o a Xmas Tree right!:) Check out the presents under the tree! 
We had gift exchange after dins:)
 & this is a Xmas Special Convo which is hilarious and rly dumb at the same time XD
#1/ apparently i travelled into the future cos i said i was at bukit brown mrt when it was supposed to built a few years later trololol
#2/ yipz travelled from chinese garden to bangkok LOL. It was supposed to be buangkok mrt hahha
#3/ now apparently im psychic!
 kays after dins we stoned around watching the noose, then had gift exchange!

 As mentioned in my prev post, i got $20 ice cream vouchers from Naj!! TY <3
Naj got my Chocolates and a German Bear from germany (Duh) XD

 Our nice pic was ruined by the table cos it caused it to be blurred:(

 Lol and my funny friends decided that they wanted to camp inside chay's fireplace lolol
 More pics!

 OMG look at Shupoo's face she looks so pissed hahah!!!

 Then we decided to spell out XMAS but we had to do alot of retakes cos someone -coughs- kept doing thr wrong letter XD See if you can see who is the odd one out!


 Our yummilicious White Choc Log Cake!!!
& it only cost us $30 for like 10 ppl! Such an awesome deal right!
Much better than the choc log cake i got from Rive Gauche that didnt taste v nice, plus it cost $50 zzz.
 Longan jellies for dessert:)
These two ah! always doing silly things XD
So yups! The party went really well:) Nice food, awesome company! Oh we had like silly dares also! Which i have embarrassing pics/vids of but i can't post them up or else i'll get slaughtered by the rest lolol. 

Then on sat we went back to Malaysia to celebrate daddy's bday with my relatives there:)

Charmed on9avenue lace dress in yellow
Wonderlust pastel belt in mint
LV inspired bag (pink)

Review(Lace dress): Bought it on chickisslove's website at a sale price of 22.5 including postage which is super duper worth it:) The colour is a light, sweet yellow, very pleasing to the eye. The lace material is not the most intricate one, but stretchy and of pretty okay quality nonetheless. It had silky satin inner lining so its non sheer. Length is alright for me, probably one inch shorter would be good:) I think girls from 1.6-1.65 would suit this the best:) Any taller than that and it'll be abit short:/ Oh yes, there is a sweetheart cutting at the front, which i think is quite nice, more unique in a way, but have to be careful not to reveal anything cos the cutting makes it abit low cut as well. Overall a very very happy buy at such an awesome sale price ;)!

oh yeah and i got 2 new bags to add to the collection!:) This time its the amazingly beautiful LV inspired bag, really looks like it right! Workmanship is good as well:) Actually i just bought it cos i thought it looked pretty and i like the pastel shade, but when i showed it to my mum she was like, " this looks alot like LV leh! v nice!" hehe. Good choice i suppose ;) 

Was thinking of bringing this in for Willowfawn but then the cost price is too high and i don't think everyone would spend more than $50 for an online bag so i scraped the idea. This really is a gorgeous bag though:) So insanely in love with it hehe.
& bellabox review! Its for dec and now its jan so... >< 
Aish im really sorry!!

I liked the Xmas Box very much! It had a $5 SaSa voucher which i could use heh. & the products are to my liking :)
Here's my fav, the MeMeMe cheek and lip tint! Its a brand from London btw, and i alr finished my Yadah tint which was my fav, so im glad this came in! New tint to use for a natural finish:)
Blended! A very natural and rosy finish as you can see:) Perfect flush for the cheeks!^^
The Xmas special came with a free gift yay:) An eyeshadow brush which will def come in handy:)
My 2nd fav product! Argan oil to nourish my hair and make it smell niceeeeee
B.liv blackhead remover! Haven't tried it yet~

Cellulix deep sea mask:) Pretty good, clears up the pores:) But the colour and texture of the mask will make you look like as if you just fell into some mud and moss lol.
Caviar serum, haven't tried yet!
 Overall the dec box was great! I like the products alot:) At least its all stuff i can use:) So okay tata! 

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