Friday, 11 January 2013

Joyous Occassion!

Hey yall! Rmb how I used to love posting 9gag pics last time? hehe i saw this LOL one that i must post.

My captionis, "The Birth Of Ice Cream" trololol, hope u guys won't shun ice cream after seeing this!!
 Sooo, the US trip series is finally ending! This is e second last installment lol.

Most pics are from San Fran!

The Golden Gate Bridge!! So pretty @.@!!

I watched the gorilla movie (was i called G.I joe???) on the plane and saw this brick red bridge and I was like, Daebak,  this architecture is woohoo! As in at that time i didn't know it was in San Fran(call me noob but haha its true). So when i actually saw it in real life I was O.O -stones for awhile.. then :DDDDDDDDDD
A pic with dad :) Omg i look so diff! Fat face :(((((( And this was only last year zzz. I think every year when I look back on prev years' pics i seriously jaw drop and go, "omg why i look so gross last time" lol. 

As in not like now its perfect, but at least better than last time ._. Ok i shall do a compilation of the growing up series, like from young till now. Yall won't believe its the same person lol, just saying!

Went to some Nature Park afterwards:) I wasn't in the best of health(very sickly these days, why!!) but the super refreshing air made me feel better:) The air quality is really good there:)

HAHAHHA he was abt to sneeze!
Looking very high and smiley here cos i found a bottle of choc sunflower seeds to munch on. Food makes me happy hehe

The bro's hedgehog makes a cameo appearance lol
These pics were taken at Fisherman's Wharf! Beautiful place as well, just look at the glorious blue waves behind ^^

Lol pls don't ask me why i got such a gross pose haha, i oso dk what i was thinking @^@
some gypsy fortune telling booth which obviously does not work and cheats your money haha.
Lombard(?) street! :D the curviest street i believe :) Its crazy trying to drive there lol, rly will go dizzy one

Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with dad's friends who live in LA! They were good hosts:) Oh and we didn't order cheesecake!! What a joke right aiyo.

Missed out these pics in the prev post! These were taken on the Skywalk (Grand Canyon), which is some glass thing that you can look down and see the depths. Quite scary, like what if the glass breaks? Then we'll all fall down dunno how many hundreds or thousands of km into the depths >< Okay but obviously we survived so okay!
Oh check out those thingys on our shoes haha, its to protect the glass, but in photos its so ugly ._. 
Disclaimer/ poses requested by the photographer!!

The trio yo!

& here's how i spent my Xmas Dinner!:) With family of cos, since its momsie's bday as well~ Mom's a xmas baby which is pretty special but she only gets one present hahaha

Dinner @ The Tasting Room :) Pretty good ambiance and food :)
Im a huge pasta lover so this was da bomb, seriously!! The truffle oil made it so fragrant and so so good, ten thumbs up even though i only got 2!
 Creamy cheese soup which was quite nice to my bro who loves cheese, not really my thing haha.
 Main course was supposed to be beef but i don't like meat :x so i ordered more pasta! woohoo
 Dessert! :)) Very soft and fluffy chocolate cake, yummmmm!

 My ootd!

LB Moet Maxi in White, XS

 Upclose of the ruches:

 Review: Went into a maxi dress frenzy after getting hvv's karolina maxi and seeing how it does wonders on my petite proportions haha. This Moet Maxi is a lovely one, the cutting is super flattering with the ruches to hide bulges. There is also a slight cut in racer design at the top, whici i feel makes it look more modern and sophisticated. I chose white cos i wanted a classic and elegant colour which won't go out of date:) The material is super stretchy as well, made of good spandex rayon probably. XS fits me to a T and i won't recommend it to people above a small uk6 cos you'll prob have a bit of problem fitting into the dress :/ I think if i gain some weight i won't fit also lol. Overall a very nice buy for me since i don't have any white maxis:) Its a design that won't be outdated for sure:)

So for that night i decided to go for a Modern look, pairing my maxi dress with a silver metal choker from Willowfawn :) There's one last pc left if im not wrong:)

 & recently i haven't been shopping much for clothes, but rather, shoes... Im in a shoes frenzy as well ahhhh!
New Look Peep Top Heels (highest pair out of the four)
H&M Leather White Heels
Charles and Keith Quilted Nude Pumps
Love Bonito's Wedge in Wine

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