Saturday, 5 January 2013

Xmas Eve

Hey all! A short update cos im still busy :( Gosh if i'm busy now then when school reopens in about a week's time then i'll die lol. 

Anyways, went out with nics for a movie and some quality time:)

Some selcas heh. I'm wearing the gold braided hairband she got for me in Hokkaido! Super pretty one :D

& just two pics of us :)

Haha nics is a cyclops!

HVV Karolina Sleek Maxi in Jade, XS

Review: Got it during HVV's sales:) My first maxi dress and i'm loving it:) Like the name goes, it really is a sleek maxi and gives a streamlined shape which is pretty flattering:) XS fits me well in all the areas, waist ptp etc. Made of slightly rough chiffon which is apparently more expensive than smooth chiffon lol. There are quite a few layers so its heavy, but its also becos of the weight that gives it a sleek shape. So yes, its def not sheer. One thing I don't really like about it is that the straps are not adjustable lol. and its very thin so I'm afraid it might break sooner or later due to the weight :/ Other than that point i'm quite happy with this buy! Unique shade of jade too :)

& anyways cos i was away during most of dec for my austria/germany trip, i missed my CCA farewell party!! :( But my lovely juniors still got me nice gifts and notes :') TY dears!!

Oh yea we caught The Hobbit, it was freaking 3 hours plus hahahaha. Longest movie ever probably. 
I fell asleep within the first 30 mins cos i was too tired :x stayed up late the prev night i forgot doing wat lol. But okay la, the movie was alright though kinda draggy :/
Aww and look at these cute piggy buns! Did i mention I totally love buns?! So QQ one :D
& a yummy chocolate cupcake from my senior/colleage at work!:) She gave it to us on our last day at work :) Thank you Sara!! <3
Soooo, i spent Xmas eve with my parents and grandma:) 
Just a simple dinner at this Chinese restaurant at Vivocity:)
Pls pardon the badly taken foodie pics lol, i always take them secretly cos my parents will be like, aiyo food also want to take pic one, so bo liao >< I tell them its a hipster thing hahaha

Fried fish!! My favourite appetizer dish! YUMSSSSS
Some soup which was really good as well! The food at this chinese restaurant is rly commendable ;)
This is my FAV DISH OF THE NIGHT, no fight! Salted egg prawns :DDDDD

Sweet and sour pork, not my fav dish haha.
Fried fishy fishy
& the xmas log cake which cost me 55 bucks zzz. From Rive Gauche at taka. TBH i tink this is ok ok only, not worth the price.The deco is nice though!
Gramps, mom and fattie. [the rest of us were demoted to being photographers LOL]

& here's my OTD for the night:)
HVV Hollywood Glamour dress in White, XS

Review: Bought this piece wayyyy back! A body hugging piece made of really really good quality stretchy material:) Am really impressed with the material for this piece, feels and looks expensive. The ruched details are flattering as well, hides bumps and whatnot. So basically this piece hugs the curves in all the right places, is made of awesome material and quite a friendly price too. Awesome score!

Here's my 2nd xmas present from Momsie, first one was the STNY bag<3
Nail polish + body lotion which smells like heaven!! Not that i know what heaven smells like but whatever haha.
& my xmas present to myself! A small treat since I earned quite a bit from the Santa Elf job:) 
My Melody furry pouch! My melody is my fav Sanrio character btw ;) Other than Sugarbunnies :) I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty, just sayin. :)
& during gift exchange i got these awesome ice cream vouchers!! The gift exchange happened during a Xmas party at my friend Chay's house, more pics on that soon! In another post:)
K bye! I so tired right now and fattie is chasing me out of the master bedroom ><

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