Wednesday, 23 January 2013


hehehe starting off with memes to make your day!!:) 
Ppl are getting more and more innovative XD Bread pitt LOL

haha kays so anyways becos im singaporean, the kiasu trait acts up sometimes you know?:) So me and momsie went CNY shopping like after Xmas hahah.Got post xmas sales ma:)

Here's my ootd!
Ashincans Lace Off Shoulder Top (Cream)
Megagamie Eyelet Skirt in Rose 
TCL Suede Clutch in Kelly Green
CK Quilted Heels

Review(AIC): Got this awhile back, i think this is one of their hotsellers, like all oos alr! Anyways off shoulder tops are popular now, and i can see why:) This piece is the lace version, so its more feminine :) I personally quite like the design, its elasticized at the upper half so that it won't droop. The lace material has flower patterns and a subtle sheen as well which makes it look more expensive. However the inner lining is quite thin so prob its slightly sheer. I think this top can be dressed up/down, like with denim shorts on a casual day or with a highwaist skirt(like i did) on a more dressy day:) Love this buy! I'm tempted to get TTR's non lace version hehe.

Review(MGG): Bought 2 colours of this pretty skirt!:) Will review the other colour when i actually wear it out:) Okay so at first i wanted to get lilac instead of rose, but i decided i have the AE lilac skirt already so might as well get a new colour to add to my wardrobe:) And the decision was well made! Rose is such a gorgeous colour irl!:) Like a deep, luxurious shade of ruby pink, quite unique imo:) The design on the skirt won me over as well, the laser cut eyelets are well done, intricate, and the pleats are well placed too, to give a slimmer waist:) The only not so good point is the length, which i find abit short, definitely not for ppl over 1.6. Material wise its some kind of polyester probably, quite light + thin but at least there is inner lining so its non sheer even for the lighter shades. Overall i <3 this buy cos of the gorgeous design + unique shade!:))

Oh yes, colourful skull bracelet kindly sponsored by EPICFAS! :)
You'll be seeing these lovely accessories more often cos I used them in Willowfawn's shoots:)

& i was feeling abit more adventurous that day! Tried using eyeliner again:) Am actually starting to get used to it, don't feel so goth in them now:)
Yea anyways, momsie and I went to Raffles city/plaza sing area to shop:) There were awesome sales!! Like really daebak! So both of us were like...
Hahaha so here are my loots that day!:)
Tulle Skirt + Furry bag, both from Lowry's Farm (Jap brand) 30% off
White Tweed Blazer, Pastel Aztec Knit Dress, both from Forever New. About 60-70% off!!
Two pair of earrings (on top of blazer), from Jrunway
Lace ribbon flats, from Dorothy Perkins:) 

& stopped by SaSa for some masks as well:) Got $5 voucher ma:)
From Sasatinnie(house brand) and some korean brand:)
  Upclose of the gorg earrings!
Both flower themed;)
Kay byeeeeeee! Hurry go do CNY shopping if you haven't!:))

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