Tuesday, 22 March 2016


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random narcissistic post. 
been sieving through old blog drafts, like those i've uploaded the pictures but haven't typed out the words yet.
some are more than a year old can you believe it!!!
im so ashamed of myself, sorry guys thats really some really solid procrastination there, causing those posts to never see the light :(
just deleted some in fact, sobs?!

i'm really gonna spend some time to finish typing texts into overdue posts tomorrow, and post those that i truly still want to share, even though its majorly overdue.

but for now, you'll have to make do with some shameless selfies first im sorry hahaha.

really like my makeup in this photo though is this a justified reason to post this???
i've been watching youtube makeup tutorials and i love those natural looking makeup!!
like those makeup youtubers look soooo good and chio even with natural looking makeup (which still  requires alot of steps did u know haha exposing their secret lol)
and then i think, will i look like that too if i follow the tutorial?
lol cos they already naturally pretty and can pull off that natural makeup look!!!
like their features and stuff la i mean.
meanwhile... i've been looking like damn cui these few days, dont even bother wearing nicer clothes to school to make up for the general cui-ness sigh.
but why arts people so hardworking ah, everyday dress up nicely for school i really applaud their hardwork!!! like really!!! cos i can't find any motivation AT ALL to do that. 
maybe after a good sleep tonight i'll find motivation to actually do something tomorrow lol.
(highly unlikely but ok never mind haha)

ok bye thanks for reading my nonsense post tee heeeee!

till the next;

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