Sunday, 6 March 2016

Spain Travelogue: Mariposa

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hello friends!!
its been 3 months since the spain trip and i'm still updating about it omg.
do bear with me, cos the visuals are worth it!!

day 3 was spent at a spanish palace, and its famous for its garden which is beautiful, but even more in spring/summer i'd imagine.

the first building we came across was this circular marble building, which is currently still being used as a concert venue because apparently it retains sound beautifully. 
the only problem with this place is that its so difficult to get a symmetrical shot, as seen by the photo below hahaha.

this place does look a tad bit barren in winter for a garden, but the shades of brown and the cool autumn, winter breeze set a very laidback vibe.
very good for chilling and just taking a relaxing stroll i would think :)

i loved these few unassuming houses, they're a bit too big to be a cottage but ahh, those homely countryside vibes emanating from it :') 

it was a long long walk up the hill before we reached the garden!
but i'd say it was worth the effort, we got a bird eye view of the whole city from this vantage point:)

love love love this photo!
it looks like i've been photoshopped into a postcard but its really not :')

one with the fam!

no nice background but err, i like this somewhat candid photo?
intense expression here america's next top model worthy? i kid. 

yay finally spotted a burst of colour!
sweet warm orange poppies :)

ahh i love this shot as well.
the contrast between the super blue skies and the rustic peachy building!

selfie with the youngest of the fam, who is now annoyingly taller than me and demands that i sit in the middle of the car instead of the side!! :( 

such a dream to have this a beautiful garden.

tham siblings, oldest from left to right kay!!
im not the oldest!!
people just assume i am when i wear makeup hmm.

loving the prints on the wall!!

another of my fav, such a pretty shade of baby pink but the carving was the real winner!!

ending off with this luscious green shot.
you can't see it from here but it was shaped in a beautiful arch!!
like those in weddings!!

and thats all for day 3's visuals!
i'm probably only left with 2 days' worth of spain visuals, cos some of the days were spent on the bus travelling from one place to another or spent shopping! (which means i went bare faced and donned specs so no photos heh.)

thanks for reading guys!!
till the next;

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