Friday, 18 March 2016

Rose Plaid

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hello friends!:)
just a short update today!! 
but i hope you guys will enjoy the visuals and mini paragraphs of text still!

starting the day off with a selfie cos makeup on point yay

i finally managed to arrange a long overdue meetup with yunmei!
she's been wanting to try pacamara and its super near my work place on saturday so its a win-win situation hehe.

whats on the table.

duck confit hash

-shredded duck leg confit, potato rosti, mushrooms, kenya beans, greens, poached egg with hollandaise, toast.

yuzu citron tart

sticky date pancakes

-fresh bananas, cookie dough, candied pecan nuts, salted caramel sauce, salted caramel ice cream.

as usual, pacamara never disappoints!
up to date i've been to pacamara 3 times, and thats alot considering how i always like to try new places instead of old ones.
just goes to show how much i love the food here!!
it seems like they're always changing their menu, on all 3 occasions i've seen different stuff on their menu.

here's a quick review of the brunch fare we had today!
duck confit.
i loved it very much, it was a pretty special take on the usual duck confits served in french restaurants where they have a whole duck leg and some mashed potato.
this one came in the shredded form (yay for lazy people who hate cutting their food hahah)
and it came with rosti instead of mash potato.
rosti wise, marche still wins though! 
but this was not bad also imo.
i liked that it was a generous portion, as it came with two slices of triangle toast and an eggs benny.
the mix of eggs benny, rosti and duck was oh so yum indeed.

sticky date pancake!
this is by far, one of the favourite pancakes i have tried.
i remember the first time i tried something similar here and in dean and deluca, it was both cloyingly sweet.
which means, majorly gelat after a mere few bites.
this was much better, i like how they made the caramel sauce sweet but not overly sweet.
the pancakes to me, was a winner, cos i like my pancakes to have a bit more substance and not just be all fluff.
this had a nice texture to me, slightly more substantial and chewy.
not to mention it feels a tad healthier cos i think they used brown flour or buckwheat flour judging by the colour of the pancake.
this dish was just perfection basically, i swept everything off the plate, including the candied nuts!
and i don't even like nuts thats the best part haha.

lastly, we shared a yuzu citron tart for dessert!
i realize i've been ordering lemon based tarts quite a few times during brunch already.
i guess its cos its a really nice change cos its so refreshing and light, which feels better after a heavy meal, as compared to rich stuff like gooey chocolate based desserts.
this was not bad, but i prefer the citron tart at boufe!

you guys can read about my first and second time to pacamara if you're interested!:)

as usual, photos before eating hehe.

my usual phototaking spot in pacamara haha.
but with different company every time!

selfies with the signature silvery sign.
so so classy, love it.

thanks for the meetup yunmei!!
it was very very nice as usual:)
i love meeting up with old friends, it makes me feel all warm and happy inside :)
my slightly girlier otd for the day!
white knit top and a pink gingham skirt with scallop hems:)

thanks for reading everyone!!
and i hope you liked the food review even though i'm not an expert at it!!

till the next;

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