Saturday, 8 February 2014


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Hey guys!:) Not a pictorial post today! 
Thought i'd just share my current fav songs with you guys:)

Whats on my playlist:

{ Royals - Lorde/Pentatonix}
{ Say Something- A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera }
{ Let Her Go- Passenger }
{ Let It Go - Idina Menzel }
{ Burn - Ellie Goulding}
{ Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke}
^the meaning of this song isn't so appropriate but it is a catchy song..
{ Fine China- Chris Brown }
{ Counting Stars- One Republic}
{ The Man Who Can't Be Moved- Script}
{ Without You- David Guetta }
{ Almost Is Never Enough- Ariana Grande}
{ Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey }

Its quite a mix of diff genres, hope you guys will enjoy these songs as well!
My current fav fav fav song is royals, but i prefer Pentatonix's cover over the original ;)
Watch it here if you'd like!!:) They definitely deserve your time, so much talent in one video <3

Till the next;

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