Thursday, 13 February 2014

Catching Fire

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Top c/o twistpolka
Skirt c/o Willowfawn (just launched!)
Shoes c/o H&M

Review(Top): A really good basic to have in my opinion! The pleats aren't exactly your conventional pleats where its like folds, this one is more like a textured design. Material is quite alright, made of rough chiffon, non sheer even though its white:) The straps are the thin, non adjustable kind which i usually don't prefer, but the straps for this one isn't overly long so its still fine! This piece goes with literally everything, from denim cutoffs to high waist skirts:) An investment piece if you ask me!:) 

On a side note, this gorgeous floral skort is just launched! I swear this is one of the prettiest and most flattering items yet, and in the best material everrrrr!!! The colour im wearing in the above pic (dawn) is all sold out on site already! But there's still one last pc of dusk is available, head here to check it out!;)


After much planning, the nuts x llamas' outing is finally put to action!! So much love for these girls, i had the time of my life in upper sec because of these ppl! And the other four seveners as well :) Miss the fun times we had in our 4/7 classroom and all the silly things we did :')

Dinner at Bangkok Jam @ the new Plaza Sing!
Reminded me of the good times i had in BKK a month ago hehe. (but of course the food there is much cheaper and more delish)
oh my silly friends haha

i love these candid shots haha too cute!

Yay such a nice group photo!:) The waiter at BKK Jam has good photography skills i must say ;)
Ordered Phad Thai and Red Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream to share with sylvie!
 Both were goood hehe we enjoyed it very much;)

Happy bday sushi!! Sry we couldn't celebrate with you on the actual day but i hope this made up for it!! Anyways i bet you had a great time spending it with you know who -winks- ;)

& the other bday girl yutzu!!! (who couldnt make it for dinner)
This was in the elevator when we were rushing for our movie haha! We surprised/trolled her with loads of carrots becos she's vegetarian xD

& after catching catching fire (pun intended), this goondoo seah went to charge her phone IN THE CINEMA OMGGGG -_________-
I was like "omg i dont know you!!!" -hides-
idk what tham is doing as well hahaha can i just say we were all abit crazy that day XD
& then this seah went to charge her phone AGAIN OUTSIDE THE CINEMA OMG im rly gonna faint from her antics!!!

Attempting to take more grp shots using self timer heh.
And then the security guard walked past and we thought we were gonna get scolded bt then he offered to help us take photo!! Aww so nice :')
And with such pretty xmas decos how cld we leave w/o taking a picture!:)


This shot is so gorgeous ^^ I made a right choice of investing in my camera hahaha
And more candid shots!
Cass photobombing the new way hahaha, so epic!!

A great day spent with great people :')
Hope you guys had a great day tooooo<3


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