Friday, 17 January 2014

White Christmas

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Hola everyone!
Very much backdated but here's how i spent Xmas and Xmas Eve!

Xmas Eve was a casual affair, took a stroll along orchard road to admire the xmas decos, went to fullerton to support my senior's xmas caroling and took a walk along spore river with D. It was a great day, mostly cos i haven't had such a stress free, relaxing day out in awhile:) The weather was great, super windy and perfect for exploring. I really do love long strolls, when its not sunny that is ;)

Had Xmas Eve dinner with my family at some Hokkaido Restaurant after that, food was great but i was so stuffed!! Its like a 7 course meal and at the second course i cmi alr -_- So for the next 5 courses i gave half to my little bro :x He eat until damn happy lor (esp the beef) then he say "if i grow fat its becos of you!!!" hahahahah he's alr so round now anyways not much diff!

Sashimi x Pitan Tofu
Salmon X Mentaiko (This was SO GOOD!!)

Thin Sliced Beef
 (im not a fan of beef so this went to my bro!)
Prawn Tempura x White Fish (Yums!!)
Torched Salmon Sushi x Soft Shell Crab Sushi with special sauce (Rly good as well!)
There was udon as well but no pics sine udon is just udon :x
And.. coconut ice cream! 
Something sweet to end the meal :) It was quite refreshing, though BKK's one is def much nicer haha!
And then... second round of dessert with a Xmas Log Cake!! 
This is mom's bday cake cos she's a xmas baby ^^

Hahaha a series of self timer shots! 3 seconds only leh i had to run like crazy! xD

LOL spot our super tiny xmas tree that we reuse every year haha!!

But it lights up hehe!

Mummy posing with her presents!!:)

& my xmas present was a makeup palette from Shu Uemura! When i picked it up from under the xmas tree i looked at the shape of it and was like, "mum is this a makeup palette?" and then my mum was like, "-_-... no fun one you!!" hahahah XD THANKS MOMMY I LOVE IT ^^

& here's FOTD for xmas day! 
Created using the palette mom got me:)
Lip colour is from Maybelline Colour Sensational series! I'm kinda lazy to check the colour code but if anyone is keen to know, you can ask me on askfm and i'll go check for you!

Photos are all 100% unedited to show the true colours etc!

Finally had a chance to wear out these pretty earrings again! The last time i wore them was during CNY last year haha:) Got it from Jrunway at Plaza Sing!

& here's the lip colour i used! I usually don't use red lipstick (or any lipstick actually) except during photoshoots or special occasions! But xmas is considered a special occasion i guess! Its pretty fun to try out new looks as well;)

& becos its christmas... here's a xmas special, featuring reindeer ears! Got them from daiso cos my LFC had a xmas party and we needed props for the photobooth ;)

// ootd //

Cut-out Crochet Side Slit Maxi c/o Foxout
Heels c/o Newlook
Clutch c/o missingavenue

& here's my take on foxout's maxi!
 // Its made of super light and flowy smooth chiffon/polyester mix! White may be slightly sheer due to the thin material but there is inner lining provided. I absolutely love the design of this maxi, its classy with a modern twist. Its main unique features are the crochet high neckline, cutouts at the waist and the thigh high slits. The crochet neckline adds elegance and sophistication to the whole ensemble, while the cut outs emphasize the waist line, very flattering in my opinion ;) I love that it has adjustable straps that don't slide easily as well, thumbs up! I'm wearing XS for this and it fits perfectly;) Went for buffet in this and still had allowance (due to the cutouts) hehe. This is easily my fav maxi dress of the year hands down, looking forward to more gorgeous manufactured designs from foxout!;) //

hehe & here's a mandatory pic with a xmas tree at my house's lobby!
& one with pretty mommy! (who is getting rly pro at taking otds for me hehe)

It was a simple affair this year but one of the best xmas-es i had! 
Hope everyone had an enjoyable, memorable xmas this year as well:)

Till the next;

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