Saturday, 11 January 2014

Food, Weight & Diet

 Hello everyone!
This year i won't be able to update as frequently as this year i have a very important national exam to focus on! Sorry if this space will be abit dead/lack pictorial posts in upcoming months :/

So anyways today i'll be talking about some lifestyle related stuff! (drafted out during dec hols hehe)
Just gonna share some err tips i read in articles/ personal tips haha.

Okay so first, the weight issue. I personally think weight isn't a very good measure of how healthy you are, though it does contribute to some extent. But i mean like, some people just have heavier bones due to genetics, or very light bones. I'm not concerned about weight in general but the one i think matters to me is having a toned physique. Which means... having a good diet + exercise! 

I'm not the best person to talk about having a good diet because well, anyone who knows me well will know that i cannot everrr resist snacks -_- Like, Matcha Kitkat, Godiva chocolates, Gummies, etc. -_- I think snacking sometimes is actually okay as long as its in moderation. But! if you really want to stave off it completely or prevent overeating, here are some tips which i find apply to me:

1. Don't buy snacks at all during grocery shopping.
This really applies cos my mum does the grocery shopping, and whenever she doesn't buy junk food, i will probably not eat any during the entire week, simply cos i don't have time to go to the supermarket to buy them myself hahahah. 

2. Brush your teeth after dinner/shortly after that.
I'm not sure if its just me and my never ending appetite.. but 1-2 hours after dinner i will start to crave for snacks, esp sweet ones. Sometimes i'll give in and just grab some matcha choc, but on days i really feel like i've alr maxed out my calorie intake i'll just go and brush my teeth. Then somehow the craving will go away cos i know im lazy and will not brush my teeth for the second time at night just for snacks. 

3. Find healthier AND at the same time yummy alternatives to junk food.
This is something new that im trying out and it kind of is working so far:) Although most healthy food don't taste quite as good as unhealthy ones, but there are still some relatively healthier snacks that i find are super yums. Like, seasoned seaweed (these satisfy cravings plus its crispy and super yums!), fruits (choose those that you actually like + am willing to wash + cut) etc. 

Okay moving on to EXERCISE!
I have to admit (again) that im not the best advocate for exercise.. Im actually okay with alot of exercises like core training, toning exercises etc. I just really really cannot get down to... running -_- which is actually the best form of exercise and the one which really works out like every part of your body. I know it has super alot of good effects but i really just hate running. I might even hate it more than lizards and that is a feat itself._. Okay but i am trying to squeeze in morning runs on weekends when i have abit of time (during school period). For those that you can do at home, these are some easier exercises you can do:

1. 45 degree leg lifts/crunches/ scissors leg lifts
These basically helps you achieve abs and a toned stomach + stronger core. I have to say when you first start out, it is super difficult to do like even 5 without feeling the strain. But you have to persevere on!! For me right, when im lying on my bed at night reading notes/using my iphone, i just start doing these leg lifts. It doesn't feel as strenuous cos you're distracted by something (notes in my case) and idk, it just feels less of "im exercising on purpose this is so tedious and difficult argh!". Nowadays i can do about 20, then i'd rest for awhile and roll around my bed/plop face down on my pillow, then continue doing more reps. So usually in one hour i can do about 60-80 lifts WITHOUT feeling all tired and drained. Sometimes i feel like i havent even done any exercise at all until the slight soreness at the stomach area reminds me. Plus, its a confidence booster to have a flat stomach/ more defined core area! I (think) im halfway there to having dual line abs alr -hallelujah- 

2. Squats/ lunges
These aren't my fav but they aren't too bad either. Its not too difficult to do and it doesn't take very long as well. Just squeezing in 20 reps each won't take you more than 10 minutes! Oh and when you're like climbing the stairs (of eg the overhead bridge), you can climb two steps at one time and you'd realize its kinda like doing lunges! *Incorporating exercise into daily life success*

// special feature //
okay so during the hols i had a workout routine somewhat planned cos i decided not to waste my hols away like prev year and actually DO SMTH to keep fit! So here's my holiday routine:

running/jogging 3 times a week (abt 15-30mins each time)
-crunches 20times per rep, about 2-3reps every alternate day
-leg lifts 20times per rep, about 2-3 reps every alternate day
I'm super happy that i kept to it throughout the hols! Even during japan trip after our buffets, me and my couz do lots of crunches/leg lifts at night before sleeping:)
 A snapshot from one of my gym days:
(do rmb that eating clean is impt as well!)

And i had a photoshoot at the end of the hols, and i think the results of exercise did show somewhat:)


Yups, thats about all i can think of at the moment, and there are always things we don't like but if its good for us...really gotta try to get down to it! That applies for me as well -_- Lazybums lets work towards it togetherrrr!!


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