Friday, 3 January 2014

Ivy League

Hola! Finally posting this super late post abt Athena FO, Ivy League!

Wanted to take proper ootd shots but i overslept by half and hour so i was in a rush @.@

Dress c/o; Pearlavish/Lace and Ebony
Bag c/o; Aldo

Kathine Fit and Flare Dress in Tiffany Mint(Review):
Its made of stretchy semi structured cotton polyester blend that is of very good quality. I love love love the fit of this dress it is really superb<3 Hugs your waist, flares out at the hips and has a cutout at the back for an element of surprise ;) It has a slight racerback cut but only very subtle just the way i like it. The colour is really sweet and unique as well, its a mix between blue and green. Really happy with this dress and i bought it in pink as well after wearing this out, got lots of compliments for it haha:)

Look of the day! 

Products used(in order of usage):
Laneige Water Primer (Green based)
Garnier Miracle Perfector
Okuma Concealer 
Etude House Clear Pact 
KATE Sculpting Duo
Anna Sui Blusher in 400
Canmake Highlighter in 01
Eyeshadow (only used the lightest shade)
Maybelline Lipbalm

Its basically a very clean, natural look, definitely not over the top:) For photoshoots/major events i'll use darker eyeshadow and use a shading technique. But for normal events or a daily look i'll opt for a light eyeshadow and just apply it above the lash line. I find that this works for me cos it'll make my double eyelid more defined and make me look more awake as well. Alot of times i find that eyeliner doesn't work to my advantage due to my eye shape and width of double eyelid. It only works when i do a completely different look as in photoshoots. 

Oh and im super in love with the Anna Sui blusher!! Its my first rosy red-ish blush and i love its effect. Will do a proper swatch and detailed review on it in another post:)
So otw to the flyer (where the FO is held), we found this somewhat pretty spot to take pictures! Cos can see the flyer in the background ;) With my two besties seah and nics!
LOL this seah posing with the yuzu fruit juice that she says is super nice and wants to advertise lolol
Arrived at O'Learys! A retro/vintage inspired restaurant at the flyer:) The interior design is super pretty! Lots of american inspired photos, signs etc. I think the planning committee got their theme Ivy League from this place actually! 
& here's a pic with my soprano batchies!!<3
& then this jiahao(my batchmate also) conveniently photobombs us -_-


Pardon the horrible picture quality, iphone 4S front cam in dim lighting is so bad... i need to invest in a 5 soon, or bring my camera out next time :x

& i love these shots below! RioHC group photo!! So nice heh.

The girls' solo pic hahah;)
Silly face!

Though it wasn't my own faculty outing, but the great company made up for it! 

Till the next;

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