Friday, 25 October 2013

Vanilla, Caramel, Velvet.

hello! quick updateeeee

Earring combi. One of my simplest pairings but fav up to date.

Wore Fairebelle/CL's Taylor Swift inspired mesh and eyelet dress(named Jayden Dress in fairebelle's launch i think) out for mel's church event:) It was some kind of food + music bazaar at City Hall:) No pics though, i was mainly watching performances so didn't bother taking pics :x

 Review: Bought this when fairebelle first launched their new website so there was like a $5 voucher of some sort so this dress is really worth it! I absolutely love the baby blue hue:) Its made of cotton, quite cooling and it has eyelet dots all round. Features a double hem design and woven criss cross details at the neckline. The fit is really good as well, i took size S and it fits very nicely. Def one of my fav summer dresses in my wardrobe!

My fav addition currently; Celine Inspired Bag from EZ.

Review: Not kidding when i say this is really one of my favs now:) Its super versatile, i like how it can be used as a tote or sling  (comes with additional straps). Not to mention that the pastel yellow is a super sweet hue which goes with alot of colours! Made of faux leather, quality is pretty good. Oh and despite its medium/not very big size, its surprisingly roomy with quite a few compartments. Def one of my best buys (bag-wise).

Other visuals.

Had my fav sogurt with nikki after PE! There was like 30% off for students muahahaha. 
-spams froyo-
& then cos we're greedy pigs(or at least me la), after sogurt we decided to make an impromptu trip to holland v for some highly raved cupcakes!
Behold, Plain Vanilla cupcakes! A slice of heaven, noms.

I loveeee Plain Vanilla's packaging! Bought a box of 4 and it came in this nice homely brown package wrapped with woody strings. Really gives off a warm, fuzzy feeling, like as if its fresh from a homemade bakery, made with love.

Placed it on a nice plate to insta it muahaha. (@etherealpeonies)
Here are the flavours i got! 
Back: White Chocolate Strawberry
Earl Grey Vanilla
Front: Salted Caramel
Red Velvet

I'd have to say my favs are the salted caramel one and earl grey vanilla!<3 Both tastes so so heavenly i can't even. Beats twelve cupcakes hands down. The cake is more moist and i prefer the texture to twelve cupcakes. And their frosting as well, esp for the salted caramel one i can feel the slight raw sugary taste (which i like) and it literally melts in your mouth. Craving for some of these so badly now!!

Had a nice dinz with seah before a concert :) 
@ everything with fries (Holland V)
Becos im so boringgg in my food choices i ordered the teriyaki chicken sandwich again, which im happy with la it tasted so yums as usual. Seah had bolognese with curry fries which was quite nice just that i think it would have been even better if she ordered the thin fries.
Impromptu starbucks visit with my class! It was the last day of starbuck's one for one offer so i dragged myself there even though my leg was hurting so bad from multiple blisters. (School shoes forever give me problems one le sigh)
Hi we are hobo kids hoboing outside coronation plaza.
Hehe our whole row of starbucks. I tried both mocha and green tea white pudding before, sadly to say i didn't like both -_- Caramel Frap all the way!!! #foreverfanofcaramelfrap
& then there was some youth leaders convention thingy in school, lotsa students from all over the world visited and had booths at the central plaza. My class girls' fav... the french booth LOL.
This french guy is too cute hahahahah.
Quotes mel: "This guy is love at first sight for me!!"
LOLOL hahahahha at least im not so cray over him XD 
Plus mel found out that he has a french model gf and im like, "okay can. game over for you mel hahaha"

anyws, im going for athena fac outing tml cos nics ask me to accompany her! Still kinda eggcited though its not my own faculty's haha! Hope it'll be good:) But actually im kinda going for the food only bwahahah swensens >)

till the next;

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