Thursday, 11 February 2016


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hi guys!!
im back with my monthly hair update!:)
this time, i decided to go for grey highlights!
i absolutely loved my blonde hair, but while i'm still young i thought i'd experiment with other colours as well!

nic gave me a total hair colour change.
 he changed my base colour to a dark ash brown (which looks like black at first but eventually will fade to brown as you guys will see very obviously).
and he gave me silvery grey highlights as i requested!

as you can see here my base colour is alot darker than previously, in real life it almost looked black!
i had abit of difficulty adjusting to it cos i've had consistent brown hair for years now.
but dark hair was a nice change while it lasted, it makes one look younger haha.
nic told me that the highlights will have a blue-ish purple tone at first, and true enough it was!
it was quite cool la having blue highlights for a few days before it started fading to silver grey haha.
this was the second day after the hair colour job!
i loved the contrast of the grey highlights against the darker base, it really makes the highlights pop!

and this was hmm, about a week and a half to two weeks after the hair colour job?
i washed my hair everyday using a scalp shampoo, which doesn't have colour retaining properties, so my hair colour faded really fast!
as you can see here my base colour lightened alot, it became brown again haha, like magic right!
and if you look closely at this picture, the highlights are really very very nice:)))
i wish it could have stayed at this colour and stop fading hahah
here's a hair mugshot taken in the salon around the same time, (1.5-2weeks!)
love how the highlights are beautifully blended in naturally!
if you see the bottom right of my hair ends, you can see subtle grey highlights peeking out hehe.

3 weeks after the hair colouring!
3-3.5 weeks after!
highlights turned to a light ashy cool brown instead of grey!
about a month after!
sadly the base colour faded quite a bit! into a warmer brown, and i personally prefer cool browns.
but thats the thing about asian hair, we have red pigments in our hair, so no matter what colour of brown we apply, even though it may be a cool brown at first, eventually it'll fade to a warm, copper shade of brown (which i detest urgh).
the only way for it to remain a cool brown and not change is if you bleach your hair, which is why highlights usually dont fade into warmer tones but remain cool toned.

see what i mean about the base colour fading into a coppery warm tone??
need to get it touched up soon!
but on the bright side the highlights are looking so fine!!
it faded into a cool ashy blonde-grey heheh.
side view just to show you guys why i love highlights- it adds more dimension to your hair!
rather than a single block colour.
and this is the most recent photo!
taken during cny:)
can't wait to look for nic to touch up on those warm browns!!
but i still got lots of compliments on this hair colour even though it faded:)

please remember to ask for nic as your stylist because his hair colouring skills are so mad good!!

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till the next;

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