Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Spain Travelogue: Cascabel

/ / m a i n / /

i'm back with more spain updates:)
as usual, enjoy the visuals and i'll add in details when i remember something interesting hehe.

these ladies here were dressed in really pretty victorian gowns!
i overheard them saying they were there to wait for potential marriage suitors??
quite interesting hahaha

spain's streets are oh so photogenic.

sorry i'm spamming so many pictures of buildings, i just find them really beautiful, like every single building also damn chio haha.

outfit deets!
maroon scarf from h&m
furry white knit from hvv
camel brown culottes from taobao
satchel from bershka

blending in with the murals hehe.

our tour guide introduced us to this ice cream place that's really famous there!
its really not bad, creamy, thick and unique flavours.
this is the shop front!
i got almond flavour and its good!!
pardon the not so nice photo, i ate it halfway before realizing i didn't snap a photo hahaha.

can you believe this gorgeous building is a train station?
so elaborate just for a train station!
i remember thinking like, smrt u should up your game hahaha!

this was when i still had blonde hair!
to be honest i really do love this colour alot!!
i couldn't bear to change to another colour but at the same time i was craving for something new, oh the dilemma.
but really, nic's hair colouring techniques are mad good, please allow him to do magic with your hair when you visit headlines!

some more otds!
this was the art science and technology building i think??
reminded me of sydney, they had a similar structure there.
but yes, i'm loving everything about this shots, the blue blue skies, the modern architecture and the complementary blend of colours!
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