Saturday, 10 October 2015


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hola friends!:)
nics finally had some time for me after her med interviews ended, so we took the chance to have a short sleepover!
as usual, time spent with nics is awesome!
i really enjoyed the sleepover, we had a chill supper in the living room with her mom and sis, munching on jap snacks and instant noodles.
and then, the fun begins hahaha.
we talked and talked non stop for like hours, till 3:30am.
then the topic somehow drifted to "cute guys" and we ended up looking through the hc graduation book, spotting "cute guys" lol!! i really think we were crazy haha!

so the next morning, we magically managed to drag ourselves out of bed for brunch near upper thomson since its near her place!
and so...pacamara it was!:)

on my previous visit, i tried the truffle eggs benny and banana french toast, read about my take on those items here!
so this time, i wanted to try something new, so we got the berry lemongrass ricotta hotcakes and eggs royale.

both were yummy! though if i really had to choose one, i'd pick the eggs royale.
the brioche was really crispy and the salmon was oh so good.
the only thing was that the yolk was definitely overcooked so its not oozy anymore, but i think this was just a small mistake and their usual standard is better:)

as for the berry ricotta hotcakes, its good for sharing cos its super thick and thus filling!
i like it paired with the jam, maple syrup and ricotta separately.
also, they are very generous with the fruits and i think we were lucky cos the fruits were all sweet!

thank you nics for taking these shots for me! i love the nautical feels in this series of photos, with the bright red background details contrasting with my striped navy midi from hvv :)

bffs for life.

till the next;

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