Monday, 19 October 2015


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sorry for spamming my face right at the start of the post, just wanted to show you guys a modern romantic curl look i tried some time back!:)

curls really make my hair colour stand out and i got compliments on it when i went out that day hehe!
and this romantic curl look only takes 5-8 mins, super fuss free!

so during recess week, nikks finally had time for me (-cries of happiness-) and so we went to luxe at keong saik street (nearest mrt chinatown) for some brunch!

luxe is an aussie inspired cafe, and it helmed by a real australian, who was so cool and wore boxers(?) around in the cafe lol!!

luxe's prices are on the steeper side i would say, especially for the portions which are tiny and couldn't fill our tummies sobs.

some snaps before the food came heh.
loving the modern feels of this place, very nice for chilling and sipping on coffee;)

we got the ricotta berry pancakes and their signature sausage roll which is made fresh on the spot!
the pancakes look really photogenic and good, but tasted really mediocre.
i would say...for the real deal, go to paddy hills instead.

the sausage roll was quite nice though!
it came with a sour-y pickle like salad which i didn't quite enjoy.
but the meat filling was done to perfection, super juicy, tender and flavourful!
the pastry was nicely done too, not too flaky, fragrant and it retained a good texture.
however for about 22/24sgd, the portion was so tiny...
it may taste good but i'm not so sure if its fully worth the price, just my two cents worth.

overall, i don't think i'd be coming back to luxe for their mains anytime soon?
but for a coffee and catching up with friends i'd love to, cos the ambience here is so chill and laidback!

erm, we took TONS of selfies again so please pardon us hehe.

this is our sad face shot cos seriously the haze was so bad and the humidity and all was ruining out hair ;/ 

luxe also has this really super chio metal doormat thing at the shop front that we couldn't resist snapping pictures of!!
tq for the catchup nikks hehe!

snapped some pictures of my otd after the meal!
i'm wearing a one piece vest romper from ohvola:)
i bought size xs and it fits just nice!
loving the minimalist feel of this piece.

ending off with some silly shots with bae!!
i made this series of photos into a video so if you want to see that its on my instagram @etherealpeonies! ;)

till the next;

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