Sunday, 2 November 2014

Swirl, Twirl

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Random photoshoot + mugging outing with yiyang hehe.
Visuals post! 
(PS/if you're wondering why i have time to post this...i typed this out months ago cos i predicted i won't have time to in the whole of nov! But its okay thats why i have an army of drafts for rainy days!;) 

So, we had brunch at Strictly Pancakes to kick start the day!:) 
This was the first time i tried their brunch set, which albeit had less choices, tasted pretty good! Or maybe cos i was hungry that morning hehe. I would recommend these two items, both were yummy!:)

Yandao yang hahaha

Aft mugging for a few hours we decided to explore the area and take otd photos!
or more like we were goofing off hahaha;)

Decided to try some swirl-y shots hehe.

Top from Wonderstellar
Ballerina Flare Skorts from TVD
Shoes from Supergurl

Review(TVD): Got this quite long ago but forgot about it oops :x But erm at least i remembered to wear it out in the end hehe. Its made of super light chiffon, which makes its name "ballerina flare skorts' really apt cos its perfect for swirling & twirling around in:) It has inner lining though i would say its not thick, idk why, so its still abit sheer at least for this colour. From the outside it still looks like a normal skirt cos the "skorts" part equate to the inner shorts. I got this in S and its slightly big for me at the waist but overall its still alright. I would say this is an average purchase, if you like really light and cooling material you'd like this, but if not for the same price, i think there are basic skirts with better quality/thicker material out there, which renders it non-sheer:) 

And of course...mandatory selfie cos lighting was great hehe!

Walking shots which i really liked, thanks to yy for being such a great photographer!!

The ones i took for yy not bad also right hehe.

Of course i'm not just gonna post the 'atas' shots hehe! 
Cos the funny ones are these XD
I call this starfish yang
Flailing yang
Tortoise yang XD

And erm... cougar yang??? hahaha!! 
As you can see we had alot of fun being all silly XD

Here's the second set of photos whee!

I think i spun around so many times i got dizzy after that hahaha

And thats all for the first part!;) 
Part 2 of this post coming up!! I split this into two posts cos got different outfit hehe.
Till the next;

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