Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sakura Blossoms

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hello hello.


In the few days of post prelims freedom, I finally got to meet up with nics!
We went to Carpenter and Cook which is conveniently located in Bukit Timhah, i never knew it was so near my house! :o 

We were super amazed by the interior decoration, its super therapeutic with a vintage flair!;)

So yes we took photos haha, ignoring the looks from onlookers matter more XD
Matchy matchy toothy grins here hehe.

& then after i took this photo nic was like "omg my arms so fat!... :("
and then when i didnt send her this photo cos i thought she didn't like it she was like "ehh why you nv send me the fat arm photo!" 
I was like "-_-..." LOLOL
Anyway nics if you're fat no one else is le... -_- 

Love you you silly poo, even though you always make me so annoyed hahahah

So yes moving on, here's what we ordered!

White Rabbit Carrot Cake

This is one of my favs of the day! I've never been a huge fan of carrot cake but this was good! The cake was moist and they are very generous with the various type of nuts that add texture and crunch to the cake;) 
And this! Their famed Passionfruit Meringue Tart, so yums! Its my other fav pastry of the day;) 
The meringue top was torched to perfection, and the taste was just really unique. The tanginess of the passionfruit complemented the sweet meringue and the tart base was crunchy:) 
PS/don't you just love those vintage floral porcelain plates?:O i think i might be obssessed with them omg, so pretty~
Ham and Cheese Croissant 

Nics wanted to order this cos she liked croissant, but erm i wouldn't recommend this, there are definitely much better ones out there (like from Tiong Bahru Bakery!) Cos this one isn't crispy nor fragrant enough, and the pastry and the fillings were just coming off, like they kinda disintegrating 0.0
We ordered two sweet pastries so here's another savoury one so we don't get sugar overload!
I was eyeing this Quiche from the moment we stepped in haha, cos it looked so good on display! And i'm glad it didn't disappoint, its comparable to my current fav Salmon Quiche from Tiong Bahru Bakery, but this one comes with salad too!

Before leaving we took a pic outside for keepsake too!
Even the outer deco is so nice .__.

I would say Carpenter and Cook is worth a visit! Food wise i'd come back just for the Passionfruit Tart and Carrot Cake, ambience is really good, its a nice place to just chill and hangout;) 

We went ootd taking after that lol!! Its really quite funny we just took a bus and dropped off at some main road, and took pics with the floral bushes beside the main road LOL!!
I think we're just lucky we didn't get stomped hahahah!
Oh and on the way we got chased by a hornet, just sayin'.
We took really really long to get a few nice shots because the sun was just unforgiving and casting shadows everywhere, so annoying :(
But its kay, cos there are some nice shots to make up for it!:)
Thank you nics for being my photographer of the day!<3

Im in pseudo japan hehehe

I love this shot<3
The ones below are edited because lighting wasn't too good, but at least they managed to be saved hehe.

My butterfly x japanese florals kimono is from, though i saw lacepipe selling an exact same one. I've never bought from Choies before because its an overseas site, but seeing how they have a huge variety of styles and prices are really really affordable (even better than local blogshops) i decided to give them a try! It was really fuss free and they are kinda like ASOS, in a sense that discounts are all year round;) Shipping was quite fast too! Anyways, moving on to the item itself haha, its made of rough chiffon, much thicker than normal chiffon i would say. It has a slight sheen even though its made of rough chiffon, which makes it look more luxe;) Sizing wise i would say its more or less free size? For me its slightly oversized but i think its okay, it can be worn slightly oversized or just nice, both will look perfectly fine:) The watercolour prints are gorgeous, in real life its even nicer;) 

Anyways just in case you guys were wondering my cami is from Forever New and denim shorts are from Supergurl;)

Okay im out of pics! (But not out of posts hahaha)
Will update again soon:) 

PS/Im so glad week 2 is over, just need to survive the next week (which is the most tedious one so far imo) then can relax abit alr.. 
kay bye haha!

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