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Decided i should do up this post before it gets way overdue again, like some other 1 year late drafts which i don't bother posting anymore>< 

{Solstice; the day the Sun stands still.}

It was my very last choir concert and marked my last day as an official choristor for the past 6 years. Really so much feels but i don't know how to pen it down in words, its just emotions overflowing.

For starters,
 I've always loved singing.
In pri sch i was persuaded by a friend to join harmonica, which was an interesting experience but not where my passion lies.
Finally in secondary school i joined nanyang choir and its one of the best decisions i made in my life thus far cos it kick started my choir journey:)

Choir really isn't an easy CCA unlike what everyone thinks.

Beyond the already difficult technicalities of being on pitch, learning the weirdest harmonies if you're not in sopranos, blending together as a choir, intepretation of songs, memorization of tons of songs in languages like estonian, those are reeeeally just the tip of the iceberg.

It is also a very physically challenging CCA haha. We'd have practices 3 times a week, standing 4 hours straight with maybe a 5 mins break during the whole duration on days we have much to accomplish. I still remember on SYF day we reported to school at 5+am, ran around the track like mad people to wake ourselves up so that our minds and body will be in 'the zone' aka focused. And during choir camp where it was like boot camp LOL, we had intense physical training sessions for hours, doing things like sit ups, running, leg lifts, planking and whatnot. It was torturous i'll admit, but it also made me stronger.

Also, i'd like to say that for those who love to sing but think you're not good enough, just give it a try:)
I definitely didn't start off well, my pitching was pretty bad at first but it IS trainable and gets better with experience:) 

I believe my choir journey won't end here, but for now as i take a break, im thankful for all the opportunities and times spent together with people i love. I wouldn't change a thing for it :)

& here are some snippets of our choir life/ performances in these short 1.5 years, which really isn't enough cos i want to spend so many more years with you guys :'( 

Our only 'skit' in the concert, hope you guys were entertained? ;)

just us being silly as usual hehe

Moving on to the concert itself...

Thank you S74 for coming down and showing moral support cos i know some of you (-cough- tiah -cough- linshu-) really aren't fans of concerts in general haha. So im really touched you guys still came down specially for me <3 Much love for yall hehe.

& my fav LFC thank you guys for being so supportive always, since the NY times:) I can always count on yall to turn up for my concerts even tho you guys prob don't understand much of it xD

And... i can also always count on yall to be so troll?!?! (They made me wear the hawaii garland and cat ears LOL)

Bestie shot with seah, the one who has been coming to my concerts for a good 6 years hahaha ;)

Our usual unglams hehe.
TY naj for the flower and more importantly for coming la hehe. Too bad u had to leave so fast if not can take LFC photo with us~
Individual shots with everyoneeeee <3

TY for watching our concert like you promised you would!:) And for asking whats my fav flower and really getting it for me the day itself hahaha. Lucky i didn't name some weird flower right ;)

My unglammest old friend pingz who looked rly glam that day ;) I know how hard it was for you to turn up cos you had so many things on that day, so im really grateful!!

My fav tiam sister<3
 Im so proud of you for not falling asleep hahaha!
Zhao hehe. I'm also proud of you for staying awake (i think!) ;)
 You still too tall leh i wore heels that day tsk!!

Yuan d ^^
Made-line ;)
Shijie the lamest guy on earth haha, your cold (koh) jokes are the best.
And you koped yr bro's shirt again right suddenly look so smart tht day XD
Eug~~~~ ^^ My FO partner in crime hahaha.
And the only one who i can stand singing in class XD Im a fan heh.

& nat!
Lai yi ge selfie hehe.

Spastic-ing with LFC haha!
Got judged so badly cos of yall tskkkk

"They made me wear this -_-"

And of course, my dearest batchmates and section mates:) 
You guys make the journey so much fun and bearable in tough times. 
I'll never forget singing together with you guys, that spark we all felt, will be something i'll keep close to my heart forever :')

& our dearest ms lim!! My fav conductor forever hehe.
I know that every single time you scold us, scream at us, kick us out of the practice room, its all for our own good and in hope that we'll improve. 
Thank you for being more than a conductor, for being our second mother, for teaching us life values i'll really remember the rest of my life, and just, for making us better people at the end of this journey.
My silly sops <3 best section ever!

Im sorry our only photo tgt is blur, time to improve my selfie skills T.T

Yunmei!!<3 One of my closest friends i've made in RioHC. Love you loads!:))
Jiahao you're emulating the auntie style perfectly kudos to you hahahaa
What makes RioHC a family; the senior and junior bond.
i'll always remember you for your unique sense of humour and that special nickname of yours ;)
Our fav welfare RM, for arranging all our fun outings and providing us with food cos we forever hungry aft prac hahaha
annoying orange lookalike/mao, nuff said.
Ming En;
Our cutest 1.0 ;)
i'll crown you the spastic-est in our batch hahaha!

the unrivalled giant in our batch + fellow m'sian roots haha. 
PS/ lovin your hair here so hipster!!
the whale. hehehe
no one sings mandopop ballads better than you in our batch!
the unrivalled guai kia in our batch + fellow OG mate!

Def one of the funniest in our batch ;)

Sharon lam hahaha.
I'll always remember the iconic #pullasharon (inside joke!) 
our hardworking equipment RM, always the last one to leave cos you have to keep the keyboards and everyth! TYTY :))

(omg your hair!!) and of cos, that super cute seal laughter of yours which sends all of us laughing as well :)
my bus buddy hahaha!
one of my most caring batchmates/section mate/ fish tail hahaha

After concerts, this is what we do LOL. #onlyriohcbatch13/14

your smiles are literally like bursts of sunshine, so infectious! And of cos, one half of our student conductor as well:)

Cos we're all kids at heart :)

Haha veggie no one wants to play with you you still so happy ah XD
Iconic photo of the day, tenn and ben's bromance shot.

Thank you everyone for the love :') 
So grateful to have all of you in my life <3

Till the next;

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