Thursday, 7 August 2014

Songs of the Dreamcatcher

/ / p r e / /

" A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

/ / m a i n / /

(very backdated) Outing to USS with my bestieeee sylvieeee!
[visuals post]

my forever spastic bestie hahahaha

Our theme of the day: S&S (silly x spastic)

@uss prepare to get photobombed at every single corner im not even keeeding :x

hahahhaha we love fooling around!! (but as u can tell sylvie is better at this)

MINIONS!!!<3 so tempted to bring one home!!

I loved the xmas specials at uss!! look at that gorgeous xmas tree with icing and a cherry on top!!
(oops date of post revealed haha, we went during xmas!)

hahahaha this is sylvie giving me the death stare cos i went on a photo taking rampage and she wanted to ride the transformers ride so badly XD

here we are pretending to look scared while queuing for the transformers ride haha!


aww and the rollercoasters were closed for the day!! sad max i wanted to make sylvie ride it with me like 5 times in a row and get let her over her phobia!

hahaha the things we do!!

& finally we reached far far away land!! my fav part of uss no doubt:)

selca overload cos the castle was too pretty hehe:)

self timer shot haha! 3 seconds only leh, i had to run to and fro like crazy to get this one shot hahaha
We spotted Pinocchio on the way but he didn't stop for a picture noooo><

But its kay we got a photo with gloria and alex after that <3
Slushie break!!

hahah this is our brain freeze pose!!
and being fatties we ran towards the van selling food the moment we saw it!! cos it was selling...
turkey leg!!! The must try food in uss! its so good im not even kidding!

scenic wharf area!

Crochet Spag Top from Twistpolka
Denim from Topshop
Satchel from Australia (forgot where)
Shoes from preorder site
Review(Top): I can never have enough of white tanks/spag tops! They're perfect for our sunny weather and they go with everything literally, its super fuss free to pair them hehe. So yups i got this from twistpolka! It has adjustable straps and is made of thin cotton which is slightly sheer at the back. I would prefer it to be non sheer but the plus point is that its more cooling i guess! I love the intricate dreamcatcher crochet design at the front, super pretty!:) It is quite delicate though so handwash is a must:) Overall i would say this is worth it since it goes with everything and the details are really pretty:)! 
(For upclose of the embroidery, view the very first pic!)

hahah #qtpie96

hahahahah this one!! the epitome of [spastic & silly]!! 
I caption it "destroying public property since 1996"!!
[and again]
[and again!!!] 
super goondoo this seah!!

the plushies from despicable me are so cuteee!!

haha this seah damn bad, mocking the mascots by making a duck face tskkk

& when we visited the gift shop.....
oh gosh i dont know this person with the unicorn and minion hat!!
Met the other 4/7ers at uss! Cos we all have the student pass and it was the last day its valid so everyone chiong there one more time to make it worth it hahaha!

what a great way to end the day:)

Till the next;

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