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hello friends!!
i'm finally back with a post, this is my...1st post in 2 weeks oh gosh.
so if you were wondering why i disappeared, its cos i'm having finals now, aka exams!
but all is well, i finished a major paper today so i'm alot more relaxed now.
and thus i've decided to churn out this post right after my paper haha.

i did some hair pampering at headlines salon 2 weeks back and i'll share about the stuff i did there!:)

i did the mucota dyna hair treatment, which lasts for 4-6 months.
its the same one as the one i did about 4 months back which you can read here!
after i bleached my hair to get blonde highlights, its definitely more dry.
so i countered the dryness with some tried and tested products which i bought with my own money (i'll share about this below!)
but other than dryness, my hair was also lacking shine and lustre.
so i decided to seek help from nic and do the dyna treatment!
this is the before shot, like urgh so lack of shine!!

and voila, so sleek and shiny hehe!
this treatment is amazing really, its really a different level from those one time off treatments whose effects dissipate after one wash.
its been 2 weeks now and my hair is still really soft and manageable!!
its abit pricey for a treatment at first glance, but if think about it its really worth it as compared to normal treatments because
1) the effects are REALLY GOOD
2)it lasts for months!! 
3)you get additional 10-15% off if you quote my name
4)its made of 90+ percent argan oil so its a whole lot of goodness for your hair!

i also did a roots touch up cos my black hair roots were showing already and it was so unsightly!
touched up with my favourite usual brown base and it looks as good as new!
also, i'm quite picky about my base colours, like i'll request for things like "it cannot have red undertones, it cannot look too yellowish, i want it to look like a cool tone brown,," etc etc.
and i've never gotten that desirable shade of brown at other salons before.
but this shade of base brown is really similar to my ideal one!:)
so i'm really happy with this base colour hahaha i think i might actually stick to this for life lol!
to be honest my ideal shade of brown would be a cooler tone one, but that can't be attained without bleaching and i'm not gonna bleach my whole head cos thats just crazy (for now).
so yes this is the best alternative there is to a cool toned brown!:)
so there you go, the details if you want to book an appointment with headlines!
please remember to ask for nic as your stylist because he's so skilled and awesome :)

Remember to quote "Felicia Tham" to enjoy 10-15% off at headlines!;)

headlines hairdressing is located at:
 China Square Central, 18 Cross Street, #01-15.
5 mins walk from Chinatown MRT.

their opening hours are:
Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) - 10.30am to 9pm. 
Saturday - 10.30am to 7pm. Sunday - 10.30am to 5pm.

call 6221 6866 to book your appointment!:)

for the list of services available at headlines, click here.

 and now as promised, i'll share about some home care products i use for my hair.
its all genuine and honest reviews because i bought them with my own moolah and tried and tested to see which ones are good!

so here's my hair care routine now
1)shampoo for oily scalp (choose a shampoo according to your hair needs)
2) deep treatment
3)essentials hair lotion (leave on after towel dry)
4) loreal anti frizz hair oil (after blow dry)
5)essentials hair lotion again (right before sleeping)

it seems like alot of steps but it really helped my hair alot!
but i would think that this is only necessary if you have bleached hair like mine.

so here's the list of products and why i like them:

hair treatments

1) macadamia star collagen hair mask
this is the best one out of the 4-5 i've tried!
its really really super mositurizing and smells damn good.
it makes my hair really soft and doesn't weigh it down.
i've been repurchasing this in bottles of 1 litre so yes thats how much i love it!
2) kerastase oleo relax hair mask 

this one is also a deep treatment hair mask, but its effects fall short as compared to the macadamia one definitely.
its not as moisturizing and weighs my hair down considerably.
it does smell nice though!
oh and its more expensive than the macadamia one.

3) kerastase mask densite

this mask is meant to floof up your hair if you get what i mean, like basically give it more body and volume.
it does help with the volume part, but its definitely not as moisturising!
so for days i need moisture i'll use the macadamia one, but for days my hair is abit flat i'll use this one! 

4) loreal mythic oil hair mask

i would rate this second in terms of moisturizing power, only second to the macadamia one.
its cheaper than the macadamia one and smells good as well!
oh and the consistency of this mask is like, really thick.

hair leave on products

1) essentials night care milk lotion

this is the reformulated version of the previous one which was my favourite!
its really light and absorbs easily, non greasy at all.
i find that applying 2 pumps of this before i sleep really makes a difference.
my hair is softer and has more volume (in a good way) in the morning!:)
and a major plus point is that its really affordable and easily available in watsons.
okay but to be honest i still prefer the pre-reformulated formula.
but this is still good la:)

2) loreal anti frizz serum

if you read my earlier hair posts back in 2013 (i think), you would have seen me talking about this and saying its my holy grail product!
and it still is hahaha.
i've tried numerous hair oils over the years but this one still gets my vote.
its cheap, smells sooo good and does its job.
two thumbs up!

so yup thats the end of the mini hair post sharing!!
hopefully everyone found it useful in some way or another:)

now for some backdated otds hahaha.
this was taken at the tennis court below my house!
if you read my dayre you would know about the inspiration behind this shoot hehe. 
photos edited using vsco btw!
top from carrislabelle, shorts from topshop, shoes from the editors market.

thanks for reading guys!!
i'll be back with more posts soon after my exams officially and finally end!:)

till the next;

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