Sunday, 27 September 2015


hi guys!!:)
so in case you didn't see my instagram post (@etherealpeonies), recently my family welcomed a new member, Ginger!!:)

Ginger is a silky terrier, an australian breed and she's actually a hunting dog haha.
she's only a few months old puppy and we adopted her as my cousin's dog gave birth.
she's been a huge joy to the family and we all love her so much, despite her being naughty and pooping/peeing out of her cage lol!
oh her fur is black for now but over the years her fur colour will change to white, but for now i can't quite imagine it though!
i love her fluffy ears the most, its huge and so disproportionate to her tiny body but aww its so cute?!
and she knows how to get her way haha, when she plops down on the floor(like in that second picture) and look at me with those puppy dog eyes i really can't help but melt!! 
(and give her a treat haha)

so yes, that was just a short update about the new joy in the household!!
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till the next;

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