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hello! how's everyone doing:) 
I've been reeeaaally busy prepping for a major exam thus the MIA :x
Prob only gonna get worse in the later part of Oct/Nov..

Anyways! Noticed anything diff about me?:) 
I added an extra step to my usual makeup tutorial- mascara!
I've never liked using mascara in the past cos firstly i'm alr lucky to have long lashes so usually i just curl them:) But one random day i decided to try using mascara and then tadah, instantly won over haha! The main diff for me is that it gives a lot more volume, and length of course. Will be introducing my fav mascara later on in the post! 

I haven't done a product review in a long time so here's one!
These are the cutest beauty products ever omg, i'll admit i'm easily won over by nice packaging :x
But! These aren't just nice to look at, they're of pretty good quality as well:)
I got these from the Japanese brand Vecua Honey, they have an online site that offers free shipping in singapore:) 
Verification of payment and mailing was very very efficient!

So here's what i got!

I got this firstly because i needed a richer moisturizer for my upcoming trip to korea/nepal due to dry weather there, secondly because the packaging has bunnies... T^T Its too cute to resist >< I know the second reason isn't a good reason but girls being girls, i think packaging does play a huge part haha. But quality wise this doesn't disappoint! It smells super good and the consistency is thick and super moisturizing. Its like when i swatched it on the top of my hand i knew it was good stuff heh.

And here's the second item i got!

Vecua Honey Wonder Honey Cherry Cheek in Pure Cherry

Isn't this blush just gorgeous omg T.T When i first received it i was asking myself how this can be so cute haha, i guess japanese brands really are different ;) It has a book like design, with a beautifully illustrated cover and metal in the middle so that it snaps close and won't randomly open by itself (if you get what i mean) :)

Packagaing aside, let's talk about quality! This came with a really cute mini puff that is soft and came with a satin fuschia ribbon to slot your fingers easily into, it can be brought out for quick touchups too! Unlike some puffs that come free with blushes, this one actually is useful in transferring the blush's colour. I tried tapping it onto the blush in circular motions then lightly patting it onto my cheeks and the colour was super natural and sweet, major love!

A note though, this blush might look mild but its actually quite pigmented, the tapping action has to be rly light so you won't end up applying too much:) I'm really impressed with how its really finely milled and silky! Plus the blush smells of cherries and it smells so good i kid you not ;)

& here's an upclose!
I like how its cleverly made up on hexagonal units to mimic the honeycomb shape, since honey is one of its main ingredients! ;)

I would say Vecua Honey's products are really affordable, especially since its pacakaging and quality are both really commendable:) I would say its definitely worth a try!

And yes as promised, here's my fav mascara of the moment!
(and i predict for a very long time too!)

Lancome's Grandoise Mascara

My mum bought this for me when they first launched it one month back, cos with every purchase of this you get a free hamper worth $150, which is more than the price of this mascara alr so its a super good deal!

I love the packaging of this mascara, easily one of the most unique one i've seen so far. 
The shape of it is more bulky as compared to other mascaras due to the shape of the wand which i'll show u guys later. What i really like about the design is the ombre rose which is encased in a acrylic-glass like top, so pretty right!!
 And now you see why the bottom is so bulky right, cos the wand is curved! This makes application easier, especially for the inner corners of the eye where its difficult to reach. 
The bristles are a good mix of long and short ones, to give a natural dolly, fanned out look. 
 This is my bare lashes, with no mascara yet, just curled.
 As you can see the length is somewhat there but volume wise its not obvious enough in my opinion!
 If you look closely you can see what i mean by the length there, volume not there, probably cos each individual lash isn't thick enough.
 And here i have one coat of grandoise mascara on! Amazing isn't it ;) 

 And this is with two coats!:) 
Now i understand why mascara is an essential to so many, it really does open up your eye more and you'll look less sleepy!

& the verdict?:) I'm really pleased with it! The lengthening plus volumizing effect is really really good;) Previously my fav mascara (tho less used) was also from Lancome, the Dolly Hypnose. But i think i might like this better simply because it can achieve similar results but is so much easier to remove! The Dolly Hypnose practically didn't budge when i used any water based makeup remover, i had to wipe each eye with 3 cotton pads each to fully remove it and it was so tedious, thats another reason why i didn't like using mascara. But for this, i only needed 1 cotton pad each for very clean removal! Plus it was a lot less tugging of my lashes, which prevented breakage. That being said, its prob because the Grandoise is not waterproof, as compared to the Dolly Hypnose which is. Some people may find that the Grandoise melts/smudges for them, but i didn't encounter this problem (unless when applied to lower lashes) so i'll happily continue to use this! Clumping wise this one is slightly more prone to it, but its not too bad imo (you can see from the pictures above!) So, will i recommend this? Yes if you don' have oily lids and eye makeup tend to stay on you relatively well:)

Okay phew that was a long product review but i hope you guys find it useful!!:) Any queries feel free to drop me a message on my askfm here:) 

Moving on to the main post today, nikks and i decided on brunch at Department of Caffeine (sry i just realized i forgot to type the name of the cafe when i posted this oops!) . 
Its somewhere in the Duxton Hill area, walkable distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT :)

Here's what we got!

This banana and rum and raisin waffle is simply..legendary. Nikks and i couldn't stop raving about how good this was! I remember going to Stranger's Reunion and trying their buttermilk waffles cos its so highly raved but i found it only not bad. This on the other hand, was just really good! The waffles top the chart for the "really crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside" description. The rum and raisin ice cream and caramelized banana complement each other so well. This is def my fav if not one of my fav waffles of all time;)

Spot the yogurt and vanilla bean smoothie hehe. (which tasted pretty unique!)

This was only so-so imo, we got it cos we wanted to get a savoury dish instead of two sweet dishes. They're pretty generous with the smoked salmon and its quite flavourful, the scrambled eggs are nicely done as well. However the bread at the bottom was a huge disppointment. We found it too oily? Like usually the brioche that comes with normal eggs benny aren't oily so i'm not sure why this one is. Plus the texture of it wasn't good enough to complement the salmon and eggs as well.

We went to MBS later on to take outfit pictures! Selfie first hehe.

 It was really so scorching hot omg. But we beared with it cos no pain no gain right? The photos turned out so pretty, the sunlight made the colour contrast perfect, no colour editing needed;) 

Today's outfit features...
Asymmetrical White Chiffon Top from The Editor's Market
Plaid Skirt from Rae&Rum (kindly sponsored by Chickisslove!)
Shoes from Supergurl
Hat from H&M

A few weeks ago Lilian from Chickisslove contacted me for a outfit review and of course i was elated! After all Chickisslove is one of the biggest multibrand online store, housing many popular brands like The Closet Lover, Lace and Ebony and many more! 
I chose a tweed plaid skirt from Rae&Rum this time, cos im on this huge plaid/gingham/checkered print obssession lately haha( no kidding!) 
I was super pleased with the quality of this skirt, the tweed is not the flimsy kind, its semi thick and semi structured to give a nice A-line cut. The plaid design is the really classy, timeless kind:) Fit wise i took S and its slightly big for me at the waist but it isnt a big problem:) If you guys are interested, here's the direct link to it! 
PS/ its very affordably priced!
Do visit Chickisslove for heaps of gorgeous apparels and discounted prices!;) 
As for the white chiffon top, i got it from The Editor's Market a few weeks back at their Orchard Central outlet:) I think this is a really versatile top, it can easily be dressed up or down:) For this oufit i think it would be considered "dressed up" ;) The chiffon is the slightly rough kind, which is supposedly of better quality than the smooth kind. Its really light and flowy but non-sheer as its double layered. The straps are adjustable as well! 

Hehe we like taking unglams too ;)

They were having some Dior event at ION that day, launching of Dior's new perfume i think! So..we got free roses and a sample vial!:) Its not everyday we get flowers so...selfie time! ;) 

Idk what we were doing lol!!

To end off...while we were shopping at Topshop we saw Xiaxue and she kindly agreed to a picture!:) 

It was a super wonderful day out after months of continuous mugging. A well deserved break definitely!:) 

Till the next; 

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